Orders placed with REST API not showing

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Orders placed with REST API not showing

Hi, am using a demo account and the REST API from a ruby app to place an order, however retrieving the list of orders returns an empty list. Note there's a 200 OK and a dealReference returned when the order is placed.

If I use the online API Companion app to place the order it does appear in the list returned to my app.

Anyone seen this please? Is it a feature of the demo accounts maybe?

Thanks in advance

Some further info, I'm seeing

Some further info, I'm seeing different behaviour (or I've stopped confusing myself between the API Companion apps actions and my ruby app) now and orders are appearing in the order list returned. it would appear that the dealReference returned when creating an order, is not the same as the dealId which uniquely identifies each working order. The challenge now becomes how to relate the two so actions can be taken on the reference returned by POST /workingorders/otc ......

And a further update - I'm

And a further update - I'm leaving this up here for reference in case anyone else struggles with this concept in the future.

The dealReference returned from POST /workingorders/otc should then be the subject of GET /confirms/{dealReference} which will let you know what happened to that order - importantly a 200 OK from POST /workingorders/otc doesn't mean your order has been placed. You have to go get status from /confirms, which will also allow you to retrieve the associated dealId.

Thanks for watching my learning in real time - hope it's useful to someone in the future!!


You can also subscribe to

You can also subscribe to "CONFIRMS" via the streaming api.

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