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API scripts

Hi everyone!

Well, I made a very powerfull algorythm that is able to produce a return more than 100% profit per year (from 1000 euros to 5 millions in 5 year, believe me or not)
I'm an expert in fortran and ksh but I know almost nothing in other languages.
I run the algo on a supercomputer that work under linux.
Can someone give me a simple exemple of API script (everything need to work) that send an order (market) with a limit and stop
Thanks a lot.


API scripts

Hi mrpa665

Welcome to the Labs Community.

We actually have several sample apps/SDKs available here: https://labs.ig.com/sample-apps

These samples apps also come with the source code too. Unfortunately we don't have any sample code for Fortran, but hopefully you'll find the existing apps useful.

I'd also recommend you check out the Companion App, which is also useful to test the API features such as sending an order with limits and stops attached.


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