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Apllications Instances

I have managed to develop a system which I am running on my live account using the EXCEL API. I have now developed a second system which I have been running on the demo account. Can I run both systems on the same live account by generating a different API key and running them on two different computers ( I am limited to one instance of EXCEL per machine) or do I need to set up a separate live account to run two different instances.

I would like to know the

I would like to know the answer to this too.

Re: Apllications Instances

Hi both

No, you don't need to create an additional live account to run both systems at the same time. You can just use the one live account, and the same API key in fact.

Bear in mind however that this behaviour is different to our own web and mobile platforms. At the moment, if you were to be logged in to the web platform, and then log in to an IG Trading app, you'll be logged out of the web platform.

Using the API on the other hand, allows you to have multiple instances of an account at the same time. Be aware however that you still need to stay within the Streaming API limits (40 concurrent subscriptions) even if using multiple keys.

Hope that clarifies things.


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