Excel sample app troubleshooting

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Excel sample app troubleshooting

Hi all

The excel sample app is proving to be our most popular sample app, and if you run into problems there’s a few things to try. Below are the common errors encountered, and how you can hopefully resolve them.

First, check the sample app version (32-bit/64-bit) matches the version of Excel. In Excel, go to File > Help to see if you've got the 32-bit or 64-bit version. This must match the version of the sample app you've downloaded.

Error: Visual Basic ‘Compile error: invalid or unqualified reference’ after opening the spreadsheet.
Solution: see this forum thread here https://labs.ig.com/node/114

Error: “Runtime error '1004', unable to get the RTD property of the WorksheetFunction class”
Solution: if the region/language settings on your PC use commas instead of decimal places (for example you’re located in France), see this thread here: https://labs.ig.com/node/132 . Thanks to Community user koub for sharing this fix.

Error: “Runtime error '1004', unable to get the RTD property of the WorksheetFunction class” (this may have suddenly started occurring even though the app previously worked)
Solution: Thanks to Community user Gardner_11 for sharing this. You may need to do this after attempting to load the sample app.

  1. In Excel, go to File > Options > Addins
  2. From the ‘Manage’ drop-down menu, select Disabled items, and the Go
  3. In the Disabled Items window, if you see ig.api.excel.rtd.igapirtdserver, highlight it and then select Enable.
  4. Restart Excel and attempt to load the app.

Hopefully these three solutions will help. If you encounter any other issues (and manage to solve them), please share them here.


minor fix

Hi Chris, please find below a new minor fix:

In the WorkSheet_SeletorChange private sub of Main sheet:

Range("bidTextField").Formula = Cells(Target.Cells.row, Target.Cells.column + 4).Formula
Range("offerTextField").Formula = Cells(Target.Cells.row, Target.Cells.column + 5).Formula

need to be replace by:

Range("bidTextField").Formula = Cells(Target.Cells.row, Target.Cells.column + 3).Formula
Range("offerTextField").Formula = Cells(Target.Cells.row, Target.Cells.column + 4).Formula

Regards, koub. :)

I have been using the IG

I have been using the IG EXCEL interface for months now with no problems. However yesterday I changed the way EXCEL started up, by ticking the box under properties for the icon " Run this program as Administrator" . I did this because I wanted to uninstall a com addin which I needed to do as administrator. I then went on to try using the IG EXCEL API and I got the dreaded “Runtime error '1004', unable to get the RTD property of the WorksheetFunction class” error. I tried the usual things of getting out and back in again, all to no avail. I then changed the EXCEL start up so that is doesn't start as administrator and as if by magic the error went away. I am using EXCEL 2007 on a 64 bit Win 7 pro machine.

A possible way to work around

A possible way to work around the "Runtime Error 1004" when one switches to a new machine is to do the following.

1) Create an new map in some directory and install the sample excel APP from the IG Labs website.
2) Open the installed sample app without logging in.
3) Open in the same window your app.
4) Log in with your app.
5) Close down the sample app.

If I go to add-ins I have

If I go to add-ins I have about 100 instances of the same igapirtgserver add-in.

Is this the correct behaviour?

Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object.

Hi Chris,

I've downloaded the 64 bit version of the excel sample app and runs it in Excel 2016, Windows 10. I need to encrypt the password as enforced in country specific restriction. However I encounter the following problem "Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object." It happens in the Set securityHelper = createObject("IG.api.excel.RTD.SecurityHelper") in Public Function encrpytPassword.

Appreciate your help.



api key invalid

Hi all,
when I try to login in IG Excel sample (Excel 2016, Win 10, 64 bit) I encounter this problem "error.security.api-key-invalid".
I've tried the same credentials (user, password and API key) on then page API Companion (Environment Prod) and it works.
I've tried all the solutions in the post "Excel sample app troubleshooting " without any solutions.

Thanks for your help!


Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I am trying to use the Sample excel API (32bit) which is what my excel version is. I have tried and checked many times the username, password and API key but I keep getting the following error code:

and a "authentication failed" in the message field. Please help

I think found out what the

I think found out what the issue is. According to login restrictions(https://labs.ig.com/loginrestrictions), clients from singapore require password to be encrypted.

I tried using the "authenticateAccountWithEncryption" function that is existing in rest api class module, however I get a runtime error 429 "active X can't create object".

Any kind soul out there is able to help to resolve this issue with the excel api? thank you.

Hi guys,

Hi guys,

I am also based in Singapore and not able to login to the Excel API (32-bit-version), however with a different error than described above.

MS Excel error message:

400 Bad Request

Bad Request
Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

Additionally, a 406 Not Acceptable error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I tried to login with 2 different keys at different times with the same error. Any advise how to tackle this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Still an error

I see this thread has really old post, I downloaded the EXCEL API app and I am getting the Error: “Runtime error '1004', unable to get the RTD property of the WorksheetFunction class"

I have checked the Addin and there are no disable Addins in my list.

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