Duplicated deal in sprints is not confirmed

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Duplicated deal in sprints is not confirmed

Hi all,

I found a little problem. When I POST two equal positions to /positions/sprintmarkets at the same time (with same epic, direction and expiry), the second position doesn't get confirmed. I mean, the POST returns the dealReference, but the stream does not send the CONFIRMS message that tells if it was accepted or rejected.

Later I can see the error in the Activity History, so the position was received but the confirm was not sent.

This does not happen if the positions are for different epic or direction, or if I insert a short delay between POSTS, in that cases both are confirmed.

Maybe the system considers the second position a duplicate and rejects it, but even in that case I would expect a reject confirmation, so I can handle the error and resend if necessary.

Many thanks,


Hi Chris,

Hi Chris,

I am having this problem also for same epics but different expirations, so for example:

1. POST position A for Epic EURUSD, Size 25, Direction BUY, Expiration TWO_MINUTES
2. POST position B for Epic EURUSD, Size 25, Direction BUY, Expiration FIVE_MINUTES
3. Position A is responded with a dealReference
4. Position B is responded with a dealReferente
5. Position A is confirmed on the stream with dealStatus ACCEPTED and a dealId
6. Position B is never confirmed on the stream. A REST call to /confirms/{dealReference} also returns empty

Inmediatelly, I can see an error in the Activity History with the dealReference of Position B, which says "Rejected: Unable to process, contingent order in process"

My strategy generates signals for the same epic on different expirations, so the solution is not as easy as doubling the size into one position, I really need to send the two positions at the same time. I can avoid it by waiting 1 second between positions, but it does not always work and is not a real solution.

The web platform has the same problem. When this happens, the submit button is locked and keeps spinning until after 10 seconds, waiting for the confirms, then it times out and shows an error.



Duplicated deal in sprints is not confirmed

Hi Belfort,

We do check for duplicate deals, which these trades may be falling under. We may need to add the expiry as a parameter, and this is something we'll look into.

I'll keep you posted.


Hey Chris,

Hey Chris,

Since this has come up in conversation. I'd also like to know a bit more about this.

One of our users was complaining about being unable to open multiple identical positions through our system. I already know why this is because I've seen it myself in testing. Orders rejected by IG as duplicate.

I don't know the reason for him wanting to do it, but is there any way to get the orders pushed through without being rejected?


Simultaneous Sprints equal SIZE but varying EXPIRY

Hi Chris, Did you resolve this issue? A trader sends two Sprint Market trades which are equal in SIZE but varying EXPIRY. Is it now possible?

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