Maven Dependencies of the Java Demo Application

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Maven Dependencies of the Java Demo Application

The Java Demo Application is available as source code packaged with dependencies as source code.

In order to build the demo application from scratch it would be good to have a Maven dependency file.

Has anyone put one together?

Hey CountOfCount,

Hey CountOfCount,

I've just put together one using Spring Boot. Note that this is for my purposes and you don't need some of the dependencies, like guava, mysql, liquibase, opencsv, ta4j, jfreechart.

You need to put public-api-client-spring-context.xml in your resources folder, and you can remove the part that configures reading property files since Spring Boot already loads properties from

You do need to create still in the resources folder and add ig.api.domain.URL property

As for the main Application, create an file in your top package folder like so:

Of course change com.yourpackage to your package name.

One problem I had is that I could not find a maven dependency for lightstreamer, so I just zipped the classes myself from the demo app, and installed it as a system dependency, with a bogus 1.0 version number:

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=lightstreamer.jar -DgroupId=com.lightstreamer -DartifactId=lightstreamer -Dversion=1.0 -Dpackaging=jar

It seems that for some reason they didn't package a maven dependency:

That's all,

By the way, I've managed to

By the way, I've managed to make the app work and connect to both my demo and real account, however while subscribeToLighstreamerAccountUpdates() works, both subscribeToLighstreamerPriceUpdates() and subscribeToLighstreamerChartUpdates() don't return any update.

I've sent a message asking how to activate those updates to the labs team over a day ago, but I didn't receive a reply yet. Do you know how to receive those updates? Do they need to be activated?


Maven Dependencies of the Java Demo Application

Hi Stivlo,

Glad to hear you app is up and running, and your able to connect.

What markets were you attempting to connect to for price and chart updates? Did you receive any errors?


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