Open position => REJECTED

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Open position => REJECTED

Hello all,
I would like to open a trade via the API on an OPTION.
Do you know what parameters I should use ?

My thought until now :
I login with my API key.

In "Account details" I see my 2 demo accounts :
- Barrières et Options
(I don't know what's the name of the second one in english, but this is what I'm interrested in. I don't want to trade on the CFD account for now)

In "Account switch", I select this second account "Barrières et Options"

In "Market Search", I search "dax"
I got the 2 Epics I see on the regular website :

I want to place a call on the first Epic.
I look on the website what knockout level I can use...

I go in "Trading - positions" / "Create Position"

Parameters :
Expiry : FEB-21
Direction : buy
Order Size : 1
Order Type : LIMIT
Order Level : 1278000 (on the website, 12780 is accepted. I add "00" for cents)
Guaranteed stop : false
Stop ... not set yet, it's empty
Force Open : true
Limit ... not set yet, it's empty
Currency Code : EUR

After that, I have a deal reference.
I take that reference and paste it in "Trade Confirm"

Here I'm rejected :
Deal status : REJECTED
Reason : Unknown

This is very frustating !
I tried many Expiry : DFC, -, FEB-21 (as seen on the website), many other dates

I tried many combinaisons of other parameters, with no luck.

Can you confirm that the Epic IX.D.DAX.OPTCALL.IP is tradable ?
Can you confirm the order type is "LIMIT" ?
(I tried MARKET and QUOTE also...)

A big thanks, I really need your help!