Problems with opening INSTANT (QUOTE) order.

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Problems with opening INSTANT (QUOTE) order.

Hello, I have a problem with opening INSTANT (QUOTE) order on CFD account. Request (version:2), which I tried to open INSTANT order is pair EUR / USD :
"epic": "CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP",
"expiry": "DFB",
"direction": "SELL",
"size": "1",
"orderType": "QUOTE",
"level": "1.09911",
"guaranteedStop": "false",
"stopLevel": null,
"stopDistance": null,
"trailingStop": "false",
"trailingStopIncrement": null,
"forceOpen": "true",
"limitLevel": null,
"limitDistance": null,
"quoteId": "L1:CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP",
"currencyCode": "USD"

Get an error:
HTTP 400
status: error

"errorCode": "invalid.input"

I have a suspicion that I filled in the field not properly "quoteId": " L1: CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP " (Lightstreamer price quote identifier)
There is not written anywhere in the documentation where I can get the value of this field. I tried options: «EURUSD», «L1: CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP», «CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP». But the result is still an error.
Please write where I can learn what values should be written in the «quoteId». Or if you can give me an example of a request to open INSTANT order.

Problems with opening INSTANT (QUOTE) order.

Hi Linker,

It seems you are using the incorrect expiry for your CFD order, DFB is for spreadbetting positions. Can you please try with "-" instead of "DFB".

Also, it seems you are attempting to use the "Quote" order type, which is not available at present. There are two types of immediate order you can use (

Market order
Limit fill or kill order

For examples please see:


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