Api Comparison / Speed of execution

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Api Comparison / Speed of execution

I am testing a simple automated trade entry for equities that runs via the l2dealer excel addin.

If I used the REST API would it execute quicker?

Would using the FIX connection (with a corporate account) be quicker still?

What are the high level differences (primarily speedwise) between the L2Dealer, REST API, and FIX connections?



Response from ig

Thanks for your message.

There actually won't be any differences in speed between the different methods you've described. We process orders in the same way regardless of the origin of the order request (e.g. FIX, REST, L2 etc). One thing to bear in mind, is that only L2 Autotrade and FIX DMA allows you to send DMA orders.

Depending on how you're using Excel and L2 Autotrade, you may gain a slight performance improvement moving away from Excel, but I'd imagine this would be slight at the most (for example if Excel is only about to update cells at specific time intervals). Using our REST API, you could build your own custom software instead. We do have an Excel sample app for the REST API, however this won't present a significant speed increase over L2 Autotrade.

Realistically, the most gains will be made through your own software and it's efficiency at triggering on conditions and sending orders. Once we receive your order, it's processed our end the same way as trading on our platforms or L2.

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