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MT4 integration

Hi all,

I am looking into automating my trading with MT4. (IG SprintMarkets cannot be triggered from MT4 at the moment). MT4 has a webrequest function but I am being told it does not support REST API directly.

Has anyone successfully integrated with MT4 or with another off the shelf trading/charting platform?

I am looking for advice initially but also potentially for a tool I am willing to purchase.

dude MT4 with the API no no

dude MT4 with the API no no no, that's a non sens.

If you want to automate your trade, it will be better to create a whole program that will use directly the API.

OK got it, thanks for the

OK got it, thanks for the advice falex.

Would you or someone have a recommendation where to host the trading logic and trigger the APIs though? MT4 is good at accessing data and performing logic using indicators, and doing this in a program would be quite massive.

MT4 integration

Yes, it is possible. I can do it.

Sean Power
MT4 Integration

I have an application where I want to read a Windows file which has simple BUY SELL INSTRUMENT type information and use it to open & close trades in IG Spread Betting (IG Platform) via API interface. I'm looking for someone to do this ? Is it something anyone is interested in ? Know of ? Basically I have a strategy that I've coded in MT4 and have working satisfactorily - it also creates replicas of the trades on MT4 via a file - I want to use this to extend to an IG SB account. Any help appreciated. NB This is a slow moving system - daily charts in reality so speed of execution not really relevant. Thanks Sean

MT4 Integration


I am a freelance software developer and have built several applications (Excel Add-ins and Windows applications) which use the IG API.

If I understand you correctly: you require a Windows application which reads a file, the file contains trade details, the application then executes each trade with IG Index. You will manually run this application.

If you can send me an email we can discuss further:



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