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MT4 integration

Hi all,

I am looking into automating my trading with MT4. (IG SprintMarkets cannot be triggered from MT4 at the moment). MT4 has a webrequest function but I am being told it does not support REST API directly.

Has anyone successfully integrated with MT4 or with another off the shelf trading/charting platform?

I am looking for advice initially but also potentially for a tool I am willing to purchase.

dude MT4 with the API no no

dude MT4 with the API no no no, that's a non sens.

If you want to automate your trade, it will be better to create a whole program that will use directly the API.

OK got it, thanks for the

OK got it, thanks for the advice falex.

Would you or someone have a recommendation where to host the trading logic and trigger the APIs though? MT4 is good at accessing data and performing logic using indicators, and doing this in a program would be quite massive.

MT4 integration

Yes, it is possible. I can do it.

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