Developer of IG app needed

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Developer of IG app needed

I have some developers but they are limited on knowledge of trading, is there any developers on-line that i can speak to as freelancers?

Please reply


I can be your guy.

Plz write your email address and I send you an email to get in touch.

Request for developer

I have created a trading system in Excel, but need a developer to create time-series, stream it into excel and automate the system.

Are you able to help?


Hi there,

Hi there,

I recently wrote an open-source library and application for accessing the entire IG Markets dealing platform, you can find it here:

That may be of help to your developers, but I am also available for hire as a experienced part-time freelancer if you are interested, see my GitHub page for contact details:



Software Development Proposal


I would like to offer my services as a developer to help you build a system to interface to the IG Index API.

I am based in London and am a highly experienced developer with over 10 years financial trading systems development experience. I am currently working (in my spare time) with a client building a machine learning trading system (interfacing to Bloomberg) as well as working on a system interfacing to the IG Index API using .net C#.

In the first instance I can provide a quotation for my services based on either a fixed price or hourly rate for development. A fixed price quote will require a detailed explanation of your requirements.

Andrew Sinclair


Hi, I am an experienced C# developer with over 15 years experience in software integration. I have done a lot of integrations with IG and therefore I have a framework suited for almost everything. Contact me with details if you need any customization or need.
Write me at

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