Digital 100 Historical Expiry Levels

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Digital 100 Historical Expiry Levels

Its possible to access historical prices for digital 100s but is it also possible to access historical expiry levels?

I'm looking at the price histories of the FX digital 100s. For example for the epic:


It's the AUDUSD one touch at level 7470 with 1am expiry.

In order to make sense of the price history you also need to know the expiry level history. In this epic the "T16" seems to correspond to the expiry time (1am is 16:00 in London). The 12 indicates its the 12th of the 20 different expiry levels, but the actual expiry level (currently 7470) is regularly adjusted to keep the AUDUSD level roughly in the middle of the 20 different expiry levels. Are the expiry levels adjusted in some kind of consistent manner so one can deduce what the expiry level was on a particular date in the past? Or is it possible to access this info somehow? Without knowing the expiry level, the price history is kind of meaningless.