Display EPIC Code in Web Platform

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Display EPIC Code in Web Platform

It would be good, if you can display the EPIC code of an instrument for information purposes in your web application platform. It will help clients using your API to synchronize their trading application with new instruments.

At least, I haven't found the EPIC code in your web application. Would expect it somewhere in the info popup window of an instrument.

two ways of doing this

There are two ways of achieving this;

1) The easiest way is to use the REST API Companion and search for a market name and pull the epic directly out of the json response returned.

2) If it's just one epic you want and you don't want to fiddle about logging into the REST API Companion then using Chrome browser, hit F12 (for developer mode) and then use the mouse-selector option (top-left box when the develop option appears) and then hover over the HTML element of the item of which you want the epic for, i.e.

*the second method is based on using the old trading user-interface, I don't know if it's still possible to get an epic this way using the new trading UI... as I don't like using it!

Thank you, f2calv

Thank you, f2calv, for your comment. 1) is what I did so far and yes, it's uncomfortable and time consuming. 2) is a nice option and it still works with the new UI, but also only a technical workaround.

Would be nice if someone from IG can qualify my request for improvement. It should not be much effort to display the EPIC code in the web platform. Any comment appreciated.

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