How to login to the streaming api c#

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How to login to the streaming api c#

Hi There,

I'm a bit stuck, I was able to login with the REST Api, and I manage to obtain the CST and the XST tokens, so I have the password, has my username but I can't seems to able to connect to the streaming server:

password = "CST-" + CST + "|" + "XST-" + Token;

ConnectionInfo connInfo = new ConnectionInfo();
connInfo.User = username;
connInfo.Password = password;

connInfo.PushServerUrl = ""

LSClient myClient = new LSClient();
var req = new Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.adapter.TestConnection();

myClient.OpenConnection(connInfo, req);

Port 8080 where the Lightstreamer HTTP server is listening, and if I try to run the code above I will get the following error message:
A STREAM error occurred: 'Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.PushConnException: The rem
ote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden. ---> System.Net.WebException: The
remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.
at Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.HttpProvider.DoHTTP(Boolean isPost) in c:\LIGH
TSTREAMER\LS_SDK_client_dotnet\tmp_src\Source\HttpProvider.cs:line 570
at Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.HttpProvider.DoHTTP(IDictionary parameters, Bo
olean isPost) in c:\LIGHTSTREAMER\LS_SDK_client_dotnet\tmp_src\Source\HttpProvid
er.cs:line 491
at Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.PushServerTranslator.CallSession() in c:\LIGHT
STREAMER\LS_SDK_client_dotnet\tmp_src\Source\PushServerTranslator.cs:line 139
at Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.PushServerProxy.ConnectForSession() in c:\LIGH
TSTREAMER\LS_SDK_client_dotnet\tmp_src\Source\PushServerProxy.cs:line 166
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.ExtConnectionListener.WaitStreamingTimeoutAnsw
er() in c:\LIGHTSTREAMER\LS_SDK_client_dotnet\tmp_src\Source\ExtConnectionListen
er.cs:line 49
at Lightstreamer.DotNet.Client.LSClient.OpenConnection(ConnectionInfo info, I
ConnectionListener listener) in c:\LIGHTSTREAMER\LS_SDK_client_dotnet\tmp_src\So
urce\LSClient.cs:line 198
at Threading.Program.loginStream(Object data) in c:\users\alex\documents\visu
al studio 2015\Projects\Threading\Threading\Program.cs:line 40'

Please let me know what am I doing wrong? Thanks