stopLevel for working orders

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stopLevel for working orders

Hello everyone,
Modifying the Excel API example allowed me to put in working orders with a stopDistance. stopLevel doesn't work, although it does work with the "/positions/otc" type orders. Is setting a stopLevel a possibility at all with the working orders?

facing same issue


I'm facing the same issue when dealing with working orders (on vba) and didn't manage to let it work neither with stop distance nor stoplevel.
only managed to add the level.
tried to add the stop level in both the function to create or edit the worming order but for both I receive error.

would you be able to share the code for the stop distance?

in addition trying as well to create a function for deleting the working order, did you manage to let it work?
thanks in advance,

did you guys managed to solve

did you guys managed to solve this?

Also i'm found how to pull data, i got my strategie, but struggle to input an "order to open" how did you managed that?


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