Postman test not working (also python)

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Postman test not working (also python)

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to programming, so please excuse me for some nooby questions.

I am trying to use postman to test the response I get from POSTing /session (I just want to get the tokens I need).

I've got the url set to

My header looks like this:

And my body looks like this:
identifier: MY_USERNAME
password: MY_PASSWORD

I though this would be enough, but I seem to keep getting back the status code 401 Unauthorised

"errorCode": ""

My understanding was that I was calling /session to get a session token, hence why I am confused as to why I get this error message. Am I missing something in the POST?

I was attempting to do this in Python first, with the following code:

import requests
import json

username = MY_USERNAME
password = MY_PASSWORD
api_key = MY_API_KEY
base_url = ''

headers = {
'X-IG-API-KEY': api_key

body = {
'identifier': username,
'password': password

resp = + '/session', headers=headers, data=body)
print (base_url + '/session')


Which was giving me a 415 error code, which led me to test it in Postman. Could anyone please tell me why the error codes are different, and at the very least how I can fix the error from Postman?


Postman test not working (also python)

I have had no problems testing in Postman.

I set the two required headers: X-IG-API-KEY and Content-Type to application/json.

The body of my post request is just my username and password (in JSON format so the quotes are important). I use the Postman "raw" setting for the body:

"identifier": "USERNAME",
"password": "PASSWORD"

Hope this helps you get it working in Postman, afraid I can't help with Python,




I tried adding Content-Type to the header and copy-pasting your body to my request (with my details) but no luck, I keep getting the same result.

Are you doing a POST request to ?

Nevermind! I figured it out :

Nevermind! I figured it out :)

I forgot to start the url with https:// :P

For future reference (and if anyone else is as new as me in this domain) postman can create a code for you in some languages, which you can use and copy into your code to get a successful response. This is what I've done in this case, so got my Python working as well! :D

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