Getting started with historic data

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Getting started with historic data

Hello all, unfortunately I did not find the answer in the forum yet, so this is why I need your help, please.

I installed and logged successfully into IG API Companion and also IG API sample.

I wanted to have historic data from GDAX (epic IX.D.DAX.IFMM.IP) on a 5min view; at the best as long as possible.

The request in IG API (Historic Price search-->go) does not make anything further, except showing the response (success) and the URL which I cannot load into another browser-tab (error 403); in the excel app I dont know how to modify the date.....

Can you help me what I do have to do to get the prices (OHLC) and download them?
I guess I am not the only one to have problems in the first days of using API/IG Excel without a clear insturction....

Thanks a lot

Hm, first of all the 5min

Hm, first of all the 5min seem not to work at all, neither in the API xls nor the API Companion.

Then: the limit of Rest API per IG description is 10,000 per week, i.e. even not 3h per week historic data; Am I right?! Really?! How should anyone create a backtest with 5min data-basis, if only 2,5 hours per week is given????
Then a backtest is not possible with IG data at all..... Hope that I am wrong.


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