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Want to Hire Developer

I am looking to hire a Python developer.

I have some Python skills but need help implementing the API.

Please email me at nedhulton@hotmail.com with budget and time frame.

Prepared to pay fairly substantial amount of money. What I want to do is fairly simple.

We can work through Freelancer.com Upwork.com or whatever suits you.

I need Python code which does the following:

(1) Checks to see if a security is available to trade.
(2) Returns the funds required to execute a trade.
(3) Executes a trade.
(4) Closes all open positions.

I can fix this for you but I

I can fix this for you but I'm using MATLAB.

IG API Python

I'm a professional developer, and can help you with this if you are still looking.

How to disable pm?

Hello i am new user and i would to ask you, How to disable a pm?

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