Rejected deal - UNKNOWN

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Rejected deal - UNKNOWN

Occasionally I receive a rejected status when confirming a deal. The reason attribute contains the value 'UNKNOWN' but with no further details. The web UI shows code 11 in the current activity panel. What does this mean? I can find any documentation on this in the guide.


Same problem

See the same issue on some my trades as well. This is something that I have started seeing recently and not something that noticed in Oct.

Would be good to understand what is going wrong...

The plot thickens

Okay tried running the same trade (exactly the same parameters) from the companion app and the trade got accepted. Sounds like it is an intermittent fault somewhere

Help pls....

Rejected deal - UNKNOWN

Having similar issues...I don't get this problem for Indices using the sample Excel spreadsheet and can open and close positions, but I get 'Rejected deal - UNKNOWN' every time for testing trading options.

Chris, any suggestions?


This is now unnerving

Have a number of "Close Order" not follow through without any reason which has resulted in loosing a number of pips...

Lucky I am still running the code against demo account. In Oct (despite my strategy loosing money) I had confidence in the system but now (despite my strategy making money..........)


Rejected deal - UNKNOWN

Hi all

This error message can occur for various reasons. Can you send more detail via the Contact Us section, including the market, date, and time of the order as well as your username. We'll take a look into these and get back to you.


We're also seeing this

We're also seeing this occasionally. I'm starting to keep a records that we can email over.

Also experienced it

Having the same issue.


I also have this problem, adjusting a stop/limit order, sometimes get Rejected: 11.

Did anybody find the route cause to this?

Rejected deal - UNKNOWN

Hi Morpheous,

Rejected 11 message can occur for a number of reasons. It may be that we are unable to accept trades on a certain market, that we have disabled all API trades or that there has been an error with the trade submission.

If you encounter this again, or would like us to look into a specific trade, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form, and provide a Deal ID and we’ll check the logs.


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