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The broken promise of static typing

Daniel Lebrero photo I was quite surprised at a recent blog post by Uncle Bob Martin, titled: "Type Wars", in which he writes:

The tragedy of 100% code coverage

Daniel Lebrero photo It is funny how things turn around. ​ For fifteen years I have been preaching TDD (Test-driven development, or as it used to be called: test-first approach), or at least for developers to write some unit tests. However, in recent times I have found myself saying more often, "Why did you write that test?" instead of, "You should write a test."

Logging levels: the wrong abstraction

Daniel Lebrero photo So you just wrote another try/catch block and again you start wondering: should I log this exception as an ERROR or a WARN? Or perhaps you wrote another one of those conditional branches that “should never happen” and again you start wondering: what log level should I use for this “impossible” case?

You are asking the wrong question.

Lines of Code - does it matter?

Daniel Lebrero photoAs a keen advocate of the Clojure programming language at IG, I have rarely put any emphasis on how succinct Clojure is as compared to Java, but recent events have challenged this.

With more than 15 years of Java experience, I have tended to brush aside comments about Java's verbosity with one of the following arguments: