So you want a Public Web API?

Robert Morschel photo So you'd like your customers to integrate with you, and what better way to do this than a shiny new public web API? Perhaps, like IG, you had a suite of existing web services for your web and mobile platforms, so it's simply a matter of "exposing" these, right?

But is your existing API good enough to expose as is? What exactly makes for a good public API?

Lines of Code - does it matter?

Daniel Lebrero photoAs a keen advocate of the Clojure programming language at IG, I have rarely put any emphasis on how succinct Clojure is as compared to Java, but recent events have challenged this.

With more than 15 years of Java experience, I have tended to brush aside comments about Java's verbosity with one of the following arguments:

Documenting Microservices

Neil Laurance photoAt IG we have hundreds of Microservices; which presents a challenge: How does one effectively document their rapidly-evolving architecture?