• What are the Prod/Demo base URLs?

  • Why can't I log in?

    Troubleshoot login problems by first verifying that you can login to the dealing platform with the credentials you are using, and then try the same via the API companion app. Common reasons for being unable to log in include:
    • The login details are invalid or for the wrong environment.
    • Missing headers, eg Content-Type and Accept
    • The request body is malformed - check that the JSON is valid
    • the API application key is invalid or disabled. Check that the key matches the key in My Account on our web dealing platform
  • Why am I getting a Bad Request 400 on all DELETE operations?

    Some HTTP client libraries do not support DELETE operations with a request body. Try using a POST operation instead, and add the header _method: DELETE
  • What does error 'X' mean?

    API errors are documented in the REST Trading API reference
  • Do the CST and X-SECURITY-TOKEN tokens expire?

    The CST and X-SECURITY-TOKEN will remain valid for 12 hours intervals between subsequent API calls. This means that you can login with APIs, acquire the tokens and issue the next API call within 12 hours from the initial login request. Each subsequent API request, if issued within the 12 hours period, will cause the expiry time to be reset for another 12 hours, allowing you to extend the life of your API client/server conversational status indefinitely. However, we do have planned maintenance during weekends when the markets are closed. As part of this maintenance all tokens are invalidated. Therefore it is recommended that you implement your software solution to handle API calls being rejected as a result of your token being invalidated.

    Streaming connections will continue to work beyond the expiry of a token, as long as the session remains connected, but reconnecting may require a new token to be obtained.
  • Why can't I apply for an API key in my demo account?

    You will need to apply for another demo account, and ensure that the email address you use on the application is the same as your live account


  • What markets can I trade?

    Our API supports OTC trading in any market instrument available to your account via our dealing platform
  • Can I subscribe to equity instrument prices?

    Subscription to equity prices is not available
  • What OTC order types are available?

    We offer fill-or-kill/immediate-or-cancel market and limit orders
  • What is the market navigation hierarchy?

    Our market instruments are organised into a navigable hierarchy or tree structure, as seen in the Finder window on our dealing platform. The hierarchy consists of nodes. Each node consists of either market instruments or further sub-nodes, depending on whether the node is a "leaf" node or not
  • How much historical price data can I get for different resolutions?

    We provide up to 20 years of historical price data. The following table is an indication of the available data for different resolutions:
    Resolution Days
    1 Sec 4
    1 Min 40
    2 Min 40
    3 Min 40
    5 Min 360
    10 Min 360
    15 Min 360
    30 Min 360
    1 Hour 360
    2 Hour 360
    3 Hour 360
    4 Hour 360
    1 Day 15 years


  • What are the default REST Trading API limits?

    • Per-app non-trading requests per minute: 60
    • Per-account trading requests per minute: 100 (Applies to create/amend position or working order requests)
    • Per-account non-trading requests per minute: 30
    • Historical price data points per week: 10,000 (Applies to price history endpoints)
  • What are the default Streaming API limits?

    40 concurrent subscriptions
  • Can I increase my REST Trading API limits?

    Unfortunately, at the moment there is no possibility to increase the limits.
  • Can I increase my streaming API limits?

    Your limit may be managed by unsubscribing and subscribing as required. Please do not create multiple concurrent connections as this may lead to your API key being suspended
  • Do I have to pay for using the API?

    No, there are no fees as long as you are using the default API quotas. We reserve the right to change this policy