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API Limits


in the FAQ, you have:

What are the default REST Trading API limits?
Per-app non-trading requests per minute: 60


What are the default Streaming API limits?
40 concurrent subscriptions


If I have a list of 100 symbols I want to pull bid and offer into excel, is that counted as one request, or would it be 100 separate requests and hence exceeding the API limits?

many thanks

Hi F1K0,

Hi F1K0,

The REST API is different from the Streaming API and have different limits.

With REST, you can get many epics in one request and it counts as one. With Streaming, as far as I know, the limit of 40 counts for each item, so you cannot subscribe to 100 epics with the standard limits.

In this case I would create a watchlist with all 100 epics, so you just need to call /watchlists/{watchlistId} to get all prices. You could even call your watchlist every second.

You can also call /markets?epics={epicsList} where epicsList is a comma separated list of epics, and it would count as one request, though probably there will be a limit in the length of the URI.

thanks for the reply. There

thanks for the reply. There is a limit of how many epics you can add to a watchlist so I was actually doing this as a way to have access to longer watchlists ;)

Interesting with the REST API , so if I understand this correct, say I do this in excel and create an array of 100 epics, using this array in one call only results in one request? nice if that works

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