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Lightstreamer Issues

I have successfully solved this issue. My port was wrong. Using 443 solved the issue. Use the clientId, not the username as stated here - Elated!

Please note, the bugs at the end of the post are still relevant.

Hi everyone,

I'm having problems connecting to Lightstreamer. I'm writing in ActionScript for my sins. When I try and connect, the LSClient status flips between "CONNECTING" and "DISCONNECTED".

My connection information follows, is there anything obviously wrong?

connectionInfo.password = "CST-" + CST + "|XST-" + X_SECURITY_TOKEN

connectionInfo.user = clientId //I've also tried my username, the docs conflict with the example on this page:

connectionInfo.server = endpoint.substr(8) //I've tried with and without the preceding https://

connectionInfo.controlProtocol = "https"; //I've tried http, https and not setting this

connectionInfo.protocol = "https"; //I've tried http, https and not setting this

connectionInfo.port = 80 //I've tried 80, 8080 and not setting this

connectionInfo.controlPort = 80 //I've tried 80, 8080 and not setting this

connectionInfo.adapterSet = "DEFAULT" //I've tried not setting this

However, the exact same setup with the following connection info, provided by Lightstreamer in their examples, does work

connectionInfo.server = ""
connectionInfo.controlProtocol = "http"
connectionInfo.protocol = "http"
connectionInfo.port = 80
connectionInfo.controlPort = 80
connectionInfo.adapterSet = "DEMO"

Any guidance would be useful. I can log into the Rest API without any problems. I get CST and XST from the headers in the POST response to /session. The clientId is the client id in the same response and endpoint is the lightstreamerEndpoint again, from the same response.

I notice in my network traffic, the password has been encoded and | has been changed to %7C. I assume this is normal and not associated with the library I'm using?


I've also started a thread about this on the Lightstreamer forum which has a bit more of my code. It can be found here:


As an aside, I have discovered a few bugs on the site.

1.) Clicking preview on the page I'm writing this on ( gives me an "unexpected error" message.

2.) I can edit this post but not add comments. It's the same "unexpected error" message.

3.) If I;
-> log into my IG demo account
-> click "My Account"
-> click "API Access"
-> click "Manage your API keys"

I get the message "Sorry The page you have requested could not be found".

Lightstreamer Issues

Hi Tim, welcome to the Labs Community and thanks for your contribution!

Glad to hear you've resolved the lightstreamer issue.

I'm taking a look into the other things you've raised. In regards to the demo account API key page, is this still broken? We noticed this issue yesterday but we put a fix in overnight - hopefully it's all sorted your end now.

I'll keep you posted on the "unexpected errors"!


Hi Chris,

Hi Chris,

It's great to have someone so responsive. I'm afraid the bug is still there for me:

Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1.
Google Chrome, Version 37.0.2062.124 m

JS Error:
404 (Not Found) myaccount.js?201410030921sv24:99

It only happens clicking on the "Manage your API Keys" button. There was another bug which I noticed earlier yesterday but is either intermittent or has been fixed, whereby I saw a page asking me to link my account when I clicked "Request an API Key". That page now displays as expected and was displaying as expected late yesterday evening too.


Did you pick up on the docs

Did you pick up on the docs error here: I needed to use my clientId not my "IG login user name" as suggested towards the top of the page.

Lightstreamer Issues

Hi Tim, I did see this, and we'll be updating it - thanks for pointing it out!

Still working on the demo "Manage your API Keys" issue, but making progress. Will keep you posted.


Thanks for that guide. I

Thanks for that guide. I recently having issue on my unit's ( ) Program. This should solve the problem.

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