GET (version: 1)

Returns indicative costs and charges history for the given date range. Supported website IDs: atm, atf, dem, def, det, esm, esf, est, frm, frf, frt, itm, itf, itt, nlm, nlf, nlt, nom, nof, not, sem, sef, set, eng, enf, ent, iei, iem, ief, iet, por, pof.
Parameter Type Name Description
Path accountId (String) Account id
Path from (String) User-specified from date
Path to (String) User-specified to date
Request (Optional) pageSize (int) Page size
Request (Optional) pageNumber (int) Page number
Request (Optional) type (String) Type
costsAndChargesHistory (Array[Object])
createdTimestamp (String)
direction (String)
indicativeQuoteReference (String)
instrumentName (String)
type (String)
pagination (Object)
pageNumber (Number)
pageSize (Number)
totalElements (Number)
totalPages (Number)